Outdoor Tapestry – 17 August 2014


Colours combine in

A rich summer tapestry

Poetry in plants

Lights Out – 4 August 2014


A nation pauses

Remembering the Great War

One hundred years on

Time Flies – 2 August 2014

Time Flies - 2 August 2014

Like summer passing

Children grow up all too fast

Treasure each moment

Summer Rose – 31 July 2014


In the rose garden

Fleeting essence of summer

Sunshine reflected

Cliveden Sunshine – 18th May 2013


Cliveden Sunshine

Early autumn tints

gleam in the afternoon sun

up at Cliveden House

Final Flourish – 24th March 2013


Final Flourish

The best of summers

ends in a blaze of glory

never forgotten